About us

Glow In The Bark™ was created for anyone who values their pets life and wants to keep them SAFE during night time walks, poorly lit areas and extended distances. While we may not be the first dog collar available, we are the highest quality, most efficient and advanced collar to date. Don't take my word for it, see our 100% satisfaction guarntee that comes along with every product. Plus, our quick-charging USB, advanced solar power technology and 30-minute waterproof products, provide our customers with peace of mind. You will never need to buy batteries or worry about your dog going outside in the rain. Glow In The Bark is the clear leader in terms of battery life, technology, safety and efficiency. Have I even mentioned about how awesome your dog looks when they glow in the bark yet?!

Why Glow In The Bark™? Well, it is estimated that over 6 million dogs are injured or killed on our roads each year. Most of these incidents occur, because a lack of awareness and visibility. We are confident that together, we can decrease this drastic number significantly and are proud to finally make Glow In The Bark™ available to everyone. It really is the perfect solution to anyone who values their pet's life and just happens to also make them the brightest looking dog in town. 

Everyone who purchases a Glow in The Bark™ collar from us will automatically eligible to be shared on our social media accounts and enter our Famous Furry Friends program where we will be giving away gift cards and other special prizes from time to time! Visit our Social Media page to learn more about exclusive offers and pictures of cute puppies.

If you have any questions, please kindly check our FAQ and sizing charts listed under each product before contacting us directly. 

Don't forget to keep your dog SAFE and get them a Glow In The Bark product today!