Solar Powered Glow In The Bark™ LED Dog Collar

Solar Powered Glow In The Bark™ LED Dog Collar

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Every year dogs are injured and even killed on our roads because a lack of awareness. If you truly love your dog or just want to improve their visibility, our Solar Powered LED collars are a MUST HAVE! 

We DO NOT believe in cheap knockoffs that require batteries and last twice... NO!

Every Glow In The Bark™ Collar is made from the highest quality nylon material in addition to having...

  • ULTRA Bright LED Lights!
  • 4 Different Settings (ON/Flashing/Fast Flashing/OFF)
  • Water Resistant Materials
  • RECHARGABLE Premium Lithium Ion Battery
  • Heavy-Duty D Ring

And that's not all...

    With our Advanced Solar Power Technology... NO BATTERIES are ever required and your collar will stay lit for extended periods of time! If you wish to use a USB cord to charge your collar, we INCLUDE the cable!


    Join thousands of other dog owners who love their dog and are keeping them SAFE and SEEN with Glow In The Bark™ today!